General Arctypes

Vagabond -

this character is very self sufficient with a selection of stealth and sneak skills with survival and area knowledge skills – no real ties or connections so they don’t really have have that many contacts or allies to start the game but they can have them if it is part of your origin and you can have enemies. Great reason to wander from level to level and neighborhood to neighborhood – doesnt start the game with a lot of stuff but has one or two cool possessions.

Errant -
these types of characters have more military training and might have some starting allies and resources but will have to answer to someone at some point this is good for questing characters or characters who might be on some kinds of crusade. they have some of the survival skills of the Vagabond and they start with pretty good equipment

Guardians -
these guys have military training but also have some social skills too – they can have good equipment to start the game if they are attached to a group. These are normally characters who rely more on skills than psychics but that doesn’t have to be a hard and fast rule. they tend to have more support from contacts and allies. This is the archetype for most soldiers.


have the social skills and the money. In a world that loves to have diversion or entertainment they can always find a angle — although they tend to get into trouble more often and cannot rely on the help of npc allies and contacts unless they are part of an organization, a gang or a guild. May have pretty cool stuff unless you start the game as unlucky or broke.

Scholars -

there is a lot of stuff to find out about and record and what not adventuring scholars have reason to go to any level and travel freely this class will have access to more tech skills than almost anyone other than the Technician. If scholars are connected to the University, the Collegium, the Grand Hospital or the Academy they may have powerful allies and access to just about anything but will have to play the politics within their organization — unattached Scholars don’t have to put up with the BS but they don’t get some of the goodies. Physicians and scientists, historians and archeologists would fall in this group.

Technicians –
there is a lot of technical stuff going on even if most of the human race is living at a Renaissance level of technology techs have the most skills available and also have some of the craft and repair skills a medic would fall in the Technician catagory.

Wreckers –
wreckers are like highwaymen or pirates – they are thieves who get their loot though violence as opposed to stealth. Wreckers have combat and social skills plus the area knowledge skills. Wreckers often are treated as the enemy unless they are in a neighorhood that either a) doesn’t know who they are or b) accepts and condones their activities. Wrecker gangs often lurk around elevator fields or by transway points and hijack loot from travelers. A fairly large gang of Wreckers – the Crazy 8’s has an almost permenant base of operations on a level eight elevator field above the leg town of Dryton, and all merchants and travelers have to pay them a toll to pass or go quite a long way to the next elevator field.

Seekers –
these are the explorers and the navigators. In a city as large as Haddar there is a great need to find things, the Seekers are the ones who can do this they have the survival and the scavenging skills some of the stealth skills related to perception and some of the basic tech and repair skills. Seekers have vast area knowledge. With the average surface area of any given level greater than seventy five square miles a seeker can be very important to people who want to travel quickly or safely from point to point — a Dirtside or ground level seeker can have knowledge and skills about the wilds that surround the cities.

a Regulator is someone who will gladly do violence for money this is an archetype for soldiers, bounty hunters and assassins and arena fighters. Heavy on the combat skills and the weapons.
A Regulator can be attached to a certain group or neighborhood or they can be Errant or Vagabond. moving around from town to town. Former Guardians often take up this job.

Performers -
with as much leasure time as the people have many turn to the arts to fill their days with purpose there are dancers and artists and musicians and actors these are the characters that will excel at social skills and have a great reason to move around or to take up ‘work on the side’ if performing isn’t going that well.

Sword Saint -
this is a psychic who has dedicated their life to the mastery of a melee weapon, and can imbue that weapon with psychic energy for amazing effects. These psychics can also perform impressive physical feats like dodging attacks or superhuman leaps. Sword Saints are usually attached to a school or a dojo where they teach or study under the auspice of a master.

Shootists -
related to the Sword Saint , the Shootist is a minor psychic who augments their marksmanship with psychic power. Much like the gunment of Hong Kong action movies these characters can shoot with stunning accuracy and speed. Unlike Sword Saints and Fighters, the Shootists don’t form schools. They are solitary loners.

Fighters -
while there are many who brawl and fight with each other only the most elite can call themselves Fighters. A Fighter is a minor psychic who uses their power to augment their physical abilities – these are the ones who can perform superhuman leaps or punch through solid steel. Fighters are dedicated and disciplined in addition to their combat skills they can have more philosophical skills. Fighters form schools to teach their techniques in martial arts and their psychic powers to other like minded combatants. Fighters more than any other simular group are prone to get into fights or duels with other warriors.

Seer –
a major psychic that uses mental powers for detection and divination. They can be a solitare or part of a covenant that teaches and protects other members. Like all psychics a seer can be a human, a Sime, or a Pale, but cannot be a T’Sai or have any cybernetic augmentation. Depending on the neighborhood they can be accepted or viewed with suspicion. Seers have a more positive reputation because their powers are less outwardly destructive or frightning than a Channeler or a Ritualist. Seer covenants are usually secretive because they are wary of those who would seek to use them for their knowledge.

Channeler –
a major psychic who creates a limited ranged of very powerful effects. Because they have concentrated on a few manifestations they are able to channel more power into them. Channelers can be healers or they can be be more destructive in their power. Like Seers they are often part of a covenant. Channeler covenants operate out in the open; they tend to like people to see them. If this is to decrease the concerns of their neighbors or to capitolize on them varies from group to group.

Ritualist -
this is a major psychic who uses complex mental math and spacial geometry to create a much wider array of powers. A Ritualist doesn’t work as fast as a Channeler but they can work together to amplifiy their power and achieve the same output. More than any major psychic the Ritualist works with other members of their covenant. Ritualists form schools and libraries to teach their formulae to other psychics. The Collegium was founded by Ritualists and later branched out into other areas of learning. While the Collegium is still dominated by the original covenant as a governing body they have allowed other groups to operate under their umbrella.

The Augmented –
these are the cybernetically, the biologically and the nano enhanced members of society. The Augmented cannot possess or manifest psychic powers but their techology can achieve many of the same results. The sources of augmentation can be as varried as the reasons for augmentation. Nano tech modification is the least obvious and produce some of the strangest effects and are only available from the University. Biological modifications are more obvious and produce some of weird effects but they are often the easiest to introduce to the Augmented character. They are available from the Grand Hospital. The most powerful and the most obvious forms of Augmentation are the cyberentics that can be gained from any of the Academy locations. They are the cheapest and the most numerous augmentations. They require a mechanic or technician to repair or upgrade them. Augmented soldiers and Regulators are vary common as are Augmented arena fighers.

Witch Hunters –
are minor psychics or Augmented who make a living hunting down Nightmares and Desires. They are like the Regulators with the exception that they are only interested in spooky shit. They have combat skills and lore skills. They make pretty good money if they don’t get killed and eaten, or worse.

General Arctypes

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