The Journal of Blad Vi

Pages and pages of technical drawings of machines and odd formulae, with the word “ascension” in the margins.

A master stroke of luck, I was able to silence that annoying fool of a court jester today by planting evidence of treason. He was executed most horribly today. I witnessed an Essential of MuThelan do the deed and was able to take several readings with my devices.

An even greater stroke of luck, the fool did have some skill with channeling and seems to be “alive” or at least enough for me to use. More later.

later in the book

Success – Tavis thinks of me as his savior- he will be a perfect tool for gathering “resources”

The Faceless Man visited me again – my studies are beginning to bear fruit — using the information he has given me I have constructed my own Occulus. I have contracted the brigand Quantus to clear the town and prepare the raw materials the fellow is expensive but his total lack of morality or scruple can be quite handy.

Interestingly the raw material has left an etheric residue, what the simpletons call ghosts, might be worth some study after I ascend.

My latest trip to Voh Vombis has been most educational – I have discovered what I believe to be the Original Occulus Nyx! it is too large and too crude to suit my purposes but the original Oroki designs were most elegant, most enlightening…

Tavis has been quite useful bringing strangers to Justice, both keeping my researches private and obtaining vital raw materials. I hate to admit that I have grown slightly fond of the fool. Perhaps I shall feel regret when I destroy him.

My friend the Facelessman has told me that I will be having company soon. I cannot allow anything to disturb my studies, not when I am so close. But after all he has done for me I must honor my friends request. I shall ask Tavis to attend to them. With luck the clod will decide they need Justice without any urging from myself.

The Journal of Blad Vi

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